Ghost of the House We Shared

from by Matt Kresling

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Jacket hung where she left it,
her second-hand chair.
Here’s the spot where we said what
we ought to have left unsaid.
A box of pain still stashed
beneath this bed.
She left her books,
but made a gap on a shelf in the head
of this young ghost
in the house we shared.

It’s been weeks, maybe more,
since the drapes have been drawn.
The lawn isn’t mowed,
and the bike with the basket is gone.
And if you’ve happened
to glance up from the road,
perhaps you’ve caught
a glimpse of the shape inside
not moving on
of the ghost of the house we shared.

Damned to wander room to room,
serving his penance, paying
for words he meant but can’t remember saying,
at twice the rent that he wants to,
and it’s haunting him.

Is that a dress on the line?
All the cobwebs are gone,
along with the sign advertising
the room to let.
He’s got some new blood
to exorcise that debt.
He’s feeling fine,
but doubts he’ll ever begin to forget
about that ghost,
that sweet young ghost,
about the ghost of the house we shared.


from 2, released December 31, 2011
guitar & drums: jake krohn, bass: remco vander heide




Matt Kresling Los Angeles, California

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